Monday, 17 November 2008

Day 90

No these boots have not been to Iraq, they have just been warn by Big Kev for 90 day's while he has been at work doing his postal round in Oxford.  When we phoned the uniform department of Royal Mail we were told that they should last a year, however from the state of these 3 months is going to be the best we can hope for.  Hope the new ones arrive soon or we are going to soon see Big Kev's socks through the holes that are starting to appear.

Click on the photo to see more detail

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Eight Years Old And Still Going

These are not Big Kev's but Bristow's, yes Bristow from Bristow's Breakfast Blog, he has had his Royal Mail issued Dock Martins for over EIGHT years, that right Eight years of active service and still looking in good shape against poor old Big Kev's Shoes who have only been in active service for less than three months. 

Day 83

Big Kev's shoes are not in good shape now and are starting to deteriorate rapidly now as the tops and parts of the sole start to fall apart.  I think there working days are now numbered and the replacements order two weeks ago still have not arrived.